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Our School

At Fitzroy Valley District High School, we have a strong focus on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our Kindergarten to Year 12 students.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming children from a diversity of local Aboriginal communities in and around Fitzroy Crossing: Junjuwa, Kurnangki, Mindi Radi, Loanbung, Buruwa, Biridu, Darlngunaya, Jimbalakudung, Karnparrmi, and Gillarong. Secondary students travel to school each day from Muludja, Wangkatjungka, Ngalankadji, Mimbi, Ngumpan, Joy Springs, and Bayulu communities.

An understanding, appreciation and respect for traditional Aboriginal culture are paramount to the success of any teaching program within the school.

Our whole-school approaches to delivering curriculum is to ensure consistent practices are implemented across all classrooms that meet the needs of a highly mobile and transient population of students.

This is achieved with an ongoing focus on school improvement, the establishment of school improvement teams, and the continuing efforts to improve teaching practices.

Our school continues to work in partnership with other agencies to raise awareness and understanding around best practice for supporting students in classrooms.

Teachers and support staff with a wide range of experience are recruited locally and from a variety of locations across Australia.

Aboriginal Islander Education Officers have significant roles in the school and are collaborative teaching partners in classrooms. They provide essential links to the communities and provide teachers with cultural expertise and knowledge.

We have strong programs for supporting students with special educational needs with a focus on appropriate adjustments to teaching and learning and development of personal strengths.

We have dedicated classrooms are staffed in the primary and high school to support students with a variety of learning disabilities and difficulties.

Fitzroy Valley District High School is classified as a Remote Teaching Service school, due to its isolation and distance from Perth.



Our young people have strong futures in the Fitzroy Valley and beyond.

They know who they are, where they come from and how they can achieve success.

They are connected to country and embrace the responsibility of cultural and environmental sustainability.

They advocate for their rights and the rights of others - for social justice.

They have the skills and knowledge to be the change.