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Language Teachers


To assist staff in developing an understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal languages and culture, it is important that cultural awareness training is completed as part of the induction process. Cultural awareness includes information about:

  • history of the Fitzroy Valley;
  • family connections;
  • past and current issues affecting Aboriginal peoples in Australia;
  • stories of strength and resilience;
  • and cultural protocols.

With the support of regional office staff AIEOs, and local community members are involved in the delivery of this training. It is also recommended that staff read texts to help with cultural awareness. Texts are available from the school library and available for purchase through online bookstores.


Our school employs AIEOs to work with most classes across the school. The role of an AIEO is diverse and includes:

  • assisting teachers in delivering planned education programs and encouraging a supportive and inclusive learning environment
  • assisting students to access the educational program and have an increased understanding of the multicultural nature of the learning environment
  • acting as a liaison between the community and school to develop an educational program relevant to both educational and cultural needs, and
  • supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, particularly those at risk, through mentoring and pastoral care to encourage participation and achievement at school.


Aboriginal language classes are held once a week. There are three classes: Bunuba, Gooniyandi and Walmajarri.