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FVDHS is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. The purpose of PBS is to “create a safe and supportive learning environment at FVDHS through the implementation of whole school Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). In this process we value the contributions from staff, students and community to inform our decisions. Our aim is to develop a school culture that is positive and consistent, using a common language and high expectation of relationships. Thereby supporting students to achieve strong learning outcomes, social behaviour skills and a respectful Two-Way culture” (FVDHS PBS Policy).

The Behaviour Framework is a platform through which all FVDHS behaviour management policies and procedures are monitored. As FVDHS is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school, all our staff are familiar with the PBS policy and procedures and follow these consistently. There is a school based PBS coordinator available to support staff and parents with any queries about our programme.


At FVDHS students with special education needs (SEN) are catered for in a number of ways. SEN students often require one or more plans to assist them in a pathway to continuous learning and FVDHS documents these through a number of different avenues. This allows us to coordinate how we provide for students additional needs, enabling them access to the curriculum and quality teaching practice.

These plans may include: (IEP) Individual Education Plan, (IBMP) Individual Behaviour Management Plan, Escalation Profile and (RMP) Risk Management Plan, Mealtime Plan, Physiotherapy Plan, Occupational Therapy Plan and Speech Therapy Plan.

These student plans are created using the Education Departments SEN Planning Tool and are reported to Parents.

Some students are eligible for Individual Disability Allocation funding under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 to support schools to make teaching and learning adjustments for students with disability. Funding can be used for a range of supports including:

  • physical resources such as equipment or learning tools;
  • time for staff to adjust the curriculum and update Individual Education Plans;
  • staff access to professional learning;
  • staff training for personal care in schools; and/or
  • employment of an education assistant or other staff.

Please see the Student Services Coordinator for more information and if you would like to discuss this for your child.

Kimberley Schools Programme


Every morning students receive a fast paced revision of previously taught knowledge and skills as part of our lessons which have been devised by the Kimberley Schools Project. This Daily Review is to move knowledge and skills from students’ short term to long term memory through repeated practice.

Transference of knowledge is also enhanced by providing students with the opportunity to recite, recall and apply key knowledge and skills. This style of learning is in line with the principles of Explicit Instruction and the Daily Reviews are supported and scaffolded so that students achieve success. They often include lots of movement to keep students. If you would like to know more please make an appointment with our KSP co-ordinators to discuss your ideas.


Is the second, third or fourth language of our students. Improving English outcomes is a key school focus. Our staff are implementing the various strategies for each school level and these are aimed at developing each child’s ability to understand and use English competently. This is greatly assisted when your child attends school every day so they can work along the progressive path of Literacy.